Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Internet Cafe or cheap internet near Hotel Sunroute Plaza

I am looking for an internet cafe or cheap internet access near Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku.

The hotel charges 100 Yen for each 10 minutes, is that about right or is it cheaper on the streets?

Do Macdonald restaurants have internet like in Europe or maybe the train station or post office?

Need to keep in touch with family and use as a resource during our trip.



Internet Cafe or cheap internet near Hotel Sunroute Plaza

Not really much help on the subject.. but I thought Sunroute Plaza%26#39;s internet was free :O

Internet Cafe or cheap internet near Hotel Sunroute Plaza

Sunroute Plaza%26#39;s internet service is free.

On their website it says 100 Yen for 10 minutes????鈥?/a>

Is it only free if you have your own wireless connection which I will not?

I%26#39;m pretty sure theres a few Sunroute Plaza%26#39;s in Tokyo.. and if you%26#39;re talking about Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku then you aren%26#39;t on the right website :)

Thats the only site I can find for Shinjuku

My understanding is that it has two free to use computers with internet in the Hotel lounge and free cabled internet for laptops in the rooms..

Okay, not sure if that link worked for you but if you go on the Sunroute chain website:

and then find Shinjuku under Tokyo hotels.. thats the one you want ^_^

Aha! Sorry for the spam of posts.. but I think here%26#39;s the proper site:



The link you posted was for the Sunroute at Maihama (near Disneyland). Those terminals are standard, commercial Internet terminals that you can find all over Japan in stations and hotels. I actually used one of those at Hiroshima Station to fetch a phone number I needed because my Blackberry browser couldn%26#39;t display the page I needed correctly. The Y100 was a bargain at the time and the keyboard was pretty foreigner-friendly, compared to most Japanese keyboards.

The Sunroute in Shinjuku has private Internet connectivity in each room and as Sammy said, those are included free with the room.

It appears OP does not have her own ';wireless connection'; which銆€锛┿€€锝侊綋锝擄綍锝嶏絽銆€she doesn%26#39;t have a notebook/PDA so in-room internet is useless to her. There are several manga/internet places around Shinjuku station, close to the hotel. Map is Japanese,

Cafe marked ';A'; is closest to your hotel, which is the brown ';H'; just south of it.

I can%26#39;t recall specifically, but I believe Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku actually has a wired LAN connection.

it does, free in every room

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