Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some fast help required

Hi, i%26#39;m flying in 2 days time.

Can someone tell me what are the easiest way to reach ameyoko market in ueno FROM shinjuku , since i%26#39;m staying at kadoya hotel in shinjuku. Any trains transfer required? if yes, can someone guide me on this?

Thank you very much

Some fast help required

What is i intend to visit the asakusa area in the morning, do you think i can visit ameyoko after asakusa ? If yes, how should i take the trains?

Some fast help required

To go to Asakusa, take the Chuo Line Rapid (orange colored JR train) to Kanda Station, at Kanda Station, change to the Ginza Subway Line to Asakusa.

Alternately if you wanted to go to Ameyoko market first, you can take the Yamanote Line in the direction of Ikebukuro, Ueno, to Ueno Station.

From Ueno you can also get to Asakusa, via the Ginza Subway Line.

is that the street with all the food?

if it is..

walk to shinjuku nishiguchi line (E01)

get the toie oedo line

(if your staying at sunroute plaza shinjuku, the oedo entrance is right next to the hotel...but you may be at stop number E28!!!

get the train to ueno okachimachi

change to orange line ginza and get off at ueno

once you arrive at ueno (its a big station) you need the entrance with a dog statue outside...

at the cross road look to your;ll see the train track bridge...

the street is by the side of the track

so cross the road and walk right


if your coming from asakusa its mega easy!!!!

Toei Lines cost more if he took the Oedo line from Shinjuku or closer at Tochomae it will cost 210 yen to ueno okachimachi. If you walked and took JR trains at Shinjuku to Ueno it only costs 190 yen. The travel time is only a few minutes difference.

There are numerous ways to get there. From the Kadoya, take the Yamanote Line bound for Ikebukuro to JR Okachimachi and walk under the JR tracks towards JR Ueno Station. The only reason I say to go that way is because the walk from the platforms is trivial from JR Okachimachi, whereas from JR Ueno it%26#39;s a few minutes more walking to get to Ameyoko.

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