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Kansai Thru Pass for Osaka, Kyoto and Nara


I was wondering if it%26#39;s possible to use the Kansai Thru Pass to get around Osaka (day 1), get from Osaka to Kyoto (Day 2), get from Kyoto to Nara to Osaka (Day 3).

How long do the trips usually take per leg (ie. Kyoto to Nara, etc.)? Would it be worth it to get a 3-day pass?



Kansai Thru Pass for Osaka, Kyoto and Nara

It is possible, but you cannot use JR trains. Which is no problem because the Kansai area has lots of private railways that offer just as good service.

From Osaka you have to use one of the (UMEDA Station, accross the street from JR Osaka Station), for Kyoto, you can%26#39;t go to Kyoto Station, but you can use the more central Karasuma Station.

From Kyoto Station you can use the Kintetsu line to Kinetsu Nara which is better located then the JR station anyway.

The thing is the Kansai Thru Pass for 3 days is 5,000 yen .

If you did the costs alone:

Osaka Subway 1 day pass = 850 yen

(Osaka - Kyoto by JR = 540 yen)

or (Osaka - Kyoto by Hankyu Railways = 390 yen (Umeda to Karasuma Stations)

Kyoto one day bus pass = 500 yen

Kyoto - Nara 690 yen by JR

Kyoto - Nara 610 yen by Kintetsu Railways

(both are 45~50 minute travel)

As you can see the Kansai Thru Pass 3 day pass is not worth it in your case. As all your travels add up to less then 5000yen.

Kansai Thru Pass for Osaka, Kyoto and Nara

You can calculate train fares and distances here -

Yes you can assuming you knew what the correct train stations were.

If you simply enter Osaka to Kyoto you will only get the JR fare. Its good to know a bit of knowledge of the place. Instead enter UMEDA for Osaka and KARASUMA (for Kyoto) and you will get cheaper results, plus Karasuma station is more ';central'; in Kyoto.

So I%26#39;m opting for the Kansai pass because the airport limousine alone will cost 2700 yen and the cost of the pass is 5000 yen. I%26#39;m assuming I%26#39;ll spend 2300 yen traveling from Kansai International -%26gt; Osaka -%26gt; Kyoto -%26gt; Arashiyama -%26gt; Nara -%26gt; Osaka -%26gt; Kansai International and all the touristy spots in each area.

So...just to be sure, does this seem about right?

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