Monday, December 12, 2011

Japan in July/August

Hey i will be in Japan from July 29th to August 12th.

Has anyone previously been here at this time other years if so what is the weather like so i know what clothes to pack?


Japan in July/August

Where will you be going?

Generally speaking, it will be hot. It depends on the year, but anywhere from 25 to 32 C. in Tokyo.

Light weight clothes. One sweatshirt (jumper in England?) should be enough.

Bring a hanky for wiping your brows!

Japan in July/August

yeah im going to Tokyo- can%26#39;t wait!!!

Websites say take light clothes but i thought it would be best to ask people who have actually been there...

So thanks

Hot %26amp; rainy. Between 24C %26amp; 31C. Bring an umbrella.

does it usually rain lots? :-(

its a furnace - humid, hot, and miserable. Particularly in August.

Its even hotter in central Tokyo due to the head sink effect.

The only respite is Obon - that is the week when Tokyo basically shuts down for summer holiday. Its not on the calendar, but is the 2nd week of August. At least there are no crowds, but it is still unbearably hot.

I%26#39;m gonna have to take a electronic fan to keep me cool!

Yeah so lots of light clothes then

The rainy season ';should'; be over on/by July 20. That%26#39;s when the schools%26#39; summer vacation begins, and the weather clouds have been ';told'; that rain is NOT welcome! lol

Ah, yes, the humidity. Take a shower after you get up, a shower before you leave the hotel, a shower after you return, a shower before retiring for the night..........and a shower for your midnight snack.

If you%26#39;re at a hotel, you WILL have air con, so no worries. :-)

You will be melting. I tell you that much.

So the shower will be my best friend on the trip!!! lol

When i went to Budapest it was really hot in the summer too. So im just gonna have to keep hydrated.

This might sound like a silly question but will i burn/get a tan? If so im going to need to sun lotion

BTW thanks for the responses

Tokyo is further south than Algiers, so yes, you will burn easily.

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