Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tsukiji Pictures Posted

I just posted a few pictures from Tsukiji Market at鈥?/a>

I%26#39;ll be posting more pictures of other things from this trip as I get time to select and upload them. I shot a picture of my maguro set from Sushisen. This set cost Y1800 plus tax and what really impressed me was not only the quality of the fish but the temperature of the fish was perfect (not too cold, not too warm, just right). The fat content of the red tuna is amazing, too. It is like no other dark red tuna that I%26#39;ve ever had before. Tastes on par with chutoro at some places.

Tsukiji Pictures Posted

Nice photos Route!!!

The viewing Aisle looks so crammed!!! ahhh looks awful place to be. Think I%26#39;ll send the Hubby in to take some photos (non flash of course) and I%26#39;ll stay on the outer with the kiddies!!!

Tsukiji Pictures Posted

Good pictures.

But I noticed the list of rules didn%26#39;t outright say you couldn%26#39;t ';lick'; the tuna.

Those are the rules for the viewing aisle only. There are other rules that have been established by the market which include the prohibition of children and licking the fish.

Shimba8, have you heard of the saying, if you break it, you own it. In this case, for the tune of US$10,000!

For those missed what happened in Tsukiji by some drunken %26amp; misbehaving tourists.鈥?/a>

Also it showed up in US paper article today.;hw=shino+yuasa%26amp;sn=001%26amp;sc=1000

Those workers were very nice people if you approach right. Once one of the bidders showed me how to tell a good tuna by the hand feel and taste of the body tail end meat.

Please enjoy the market while it is still open to the public.

I%26#39;m not an expert on the accent but that guy was definitely not American. One comment said English but I guess someone here might know for sure.

It just takes one idiot to ruin it for everyone else. I am sure this sort of thing is not an isolated incident, either.

FYI from today%26#39;s Seattle Times, ';Tuna-licking tourists';:


Word gets around...

%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;I%26#39;m not an expert on the accent but that guy was definitely not American. One comment said English but I guess someone here might know for sure.%26lt;%26lt;%26lt;

The idiot who licked tuna is from London (indicated by Japanese subtitle in video) and the moron who was on the motor cart was French. I think they should close all inner markets to tourists, period.

I tend to agree. As long as you have dumb people around you will have this problem. Since there is no shortage of dumb people the only alternative is to disallow everyone from the inner market.

Actually, there is another way to fix this, the same way they fix things in the fuuzoku and mizu shobai business. Calling in the keisatsucho is probably a waste of time. Calling in some local yak to deal with idiots like this will fix the problem in a hurry.


lots of pics of that female train driver

she must have been quite enthralling to you?


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