Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunrise Tour

Has anyone ever been on the Dynamic Tokyo Tour by Sunrise Tours? Was it worth? Is this the best way to see Tokyo or does someone else have a better suggestion?

Sunrise Tour

While I%26#39;m not discouraging you from an escorted tour, it%26#39;s quite easy to see Tokyo on your own.

Sunrise Tour

Thanks for the advice. I was wondering about that. Is that the same for Kyoto?

Yes. All of Japan.

Without and insulation of a tour, language barrier will be the biggest issue but that%26#39;s really how you learn about a country and its culture. It will also give you lasting memories of your trip when you get something to work.

Transportation is usually the other major concern. Japan%26#39;s public transport system is so good though that you can learn how it works in your first day or two.

So...go on your own!


I booked them on my first trip and learned a lot, however, with the amount of material on line, you should be able to duplicate the tour. If you%26#39;re the type to not read a little of the history and explore on your own, a tour may be for you.


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