Monday, December 12, 2011

Japan Itinerary

im planning on going to japan next year in march..just curious what ppl think of my itnerary, anything i need to add, eg sight seeing and stuff..btw i still havent done osaka!!


DAY 1 - Arrive in Narita Airport early morning

- Catch limosine bus to keio hotel

- Sleep

- Shinjuku Skyscraper District

- Nightlife of Shinjuku City

DAY 2 - Full day at harajuku shopping District

- Eat at Bape cafe harajuku

DAY 3 - FULL DAY at Disneyland

DAY 4 - FULL DAY At DisneySea

DAY 5 - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku

- Imperial Palace


- Yoyogi Park

- Rainbow Bridge

- Check out Tokyo Tower at Night

DAY 6 - FULL DAY at Sega Joypolis


DAY 8 - HALF DAY in Ginza

- HALF DAY in Shinbuya

- HALF DAY in Aoyama


Japan Itinerary

There is nothing wrong with your itinerary if you just want to see the modern side of Tokyo. It seems that your itinerary is filled with shopping areas, theme parks and a couple of observation decks. For example, there is typically no need to spend all day at Harajuku or Akihabara, and Ginza is really not that interesting.

With the number of days you have, you have a chance to see a lot more of historical, cultural and natural sides of Japan. Other treasures in Tokyo are omitted entirely. What about Tsukiji Fish Market? Sensoji Temple? A day trip outside Tokyo somewhere?

If you are interested in those, check out the Japan Guide website for Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Finally, note that Japanese hotels typically do not allow early check-in so you likely won%26#39;t be able to sleep in the morning. You can leave your bags there though.

Japan Itinerary

I agree with Sammyfloyd on all points.

Another stop to consider in Tokyo: The excellent Edo=Tokyo Museum, where you will learn about the growth of the city from a fishing village on a mudflat.

For day trips, my favorites are Kamakura (starting at Kitakamaakura station) and Nikko.

For a half-day trip, I recommend Nihon Minkaen, a collection of old houses in a lovely setting not far from Tokyo.

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