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How to transfer from 1 hotel to another?

We are visiting Tokyo with a toddler, a baby and a few pieces of luggage. We are staying at Cerulean Tower in Shibuya for 2 nights then checking into Sheraton Grande Bay near to Disneyland for 2 nights. Normally, I would just hop into a taxi with children and luggage to get from Cerulean to Sheraton. But I guess this would be too expensive in Tokyo? how much approximately? What other options? Taking the train with kids and lugguage would be impossible? How about using the lugguage forwarding service and then taking the train with just the kids? Would the luggage arrive the same day?

How to transfer from 1 hotel to another?

Hi, LilyRoss,

A question. ';We,'; as in, will you have another adult? 2 adults, 2 children? Or ';we'; as in the three of you -- 1 adult, 2 children?

Thinking............I%26#39;m sure others will come with a plan before this thought is completed. :-)

Yes, taxi would be expensive, but how much is ';expensive'; in your mind?

Luggage is usually ';next day'; service. How many bags will you have? Remember that each bag will cost about 1,500 yen, so you might want to consider all the costs and divide that by the number of people, luggage, time, fussiness, stairs, tears, tiredness, and distance from Maihama (Disney train station) to Sheraton. Although it%26#39;s ';close,'; you might want to hop in a taxi at the end of your journey if you just missed the shuttle bus. Maybe the taxi won%26#39;t seem as expensive.

Just a mommie thought........

How to transfer from 1 hotel to another?

A taxi ride from Cerulean to Sheraton will cost somewhere between 8k and 10k yen (meter charge) + 700 yen toll.

1 SGD = 63.8 JPY as of now.

To get to Maihama from Shibuya by train, take the JR Saikyo Line train through service to Rinkai Line from Shibuya to Shinkiba, then transfer to JR Keiyo Line to Maihama. It costs 680 yen each way.

One alternative option you do have that has not been mentioned, and again this is an alternative worth looking into, is making your way from Shibuya to Shinjuku South Bus terminal and taking the JR Bus direct to Tokyo Disney:鈥?/a>

The timetable is limited however, as you can see the buses are full coach buses, with plenty of luggage storage space, good seats. It is just a matter of going from Shibuya to Shinjuku.

The bus from Shinjuku sounds like a great idea! Will have to remember that!

You could take a taxi from Shibuya to Shinjuku. By train, it%26#39;s 3 stops, but by the time you walk with babies and luggage, you%26#39;ll have had your days%26#39; worth of exercise. A taxi ride should only be a couple thousand yen.

There%26#39;s a monorail that connects the hotel to the parks. Get off at ';Bay Side Station.'; Sheraton is a short walk from there.

That said, with 2 babies + luggage, you might want to catch a cab from the bus stop to the hotel.

For future reference, if you are thinking of forwarding your luggage, here%26#39;s info for one company.

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