Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Japan Holiday - 14 Days during July/August


I have just started planning a trip to Japan for 14 days during the July/August period with my friend.


Can anyone recommend which cities to visit? We were thinking Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Do you think that is too many or too little?


I heard that it is quite easy to travel between cities via train. How do we purchase/organise the tickets for tourists? - What is the website? price range?

Your help is much appreciated!


Japan Holiday - 14 Days during July/August

1. Where to visit depends on your interests. Generally speaking, you may want to allow 4 days for Tokyo and 3 days Kyoto. Osaka is ok but you don%26#39;t need too much time there if you will be spending a lot of time in Tokyo since they are similar.

With 14 days, other places to consider include Takayama and surrounding area, Hiroshima, Hakone,

Fuji Lakes, Nikko, Matsumoto, Nagano, etc. See the following site for a brief introduction to each.

2. Again, refer to Japan Guide or read a guidebook such as Lonely Planet for basic reference information. Some helpful links:

Train fares and schedules:

Japan Rail Pass (save money over long distances)

NEX-Suica (save money from airport to central Tokyo, use Suica to avoid buying single tickets)

Transport within Kyoto (bus map link, how to board the bus, and consider the 500 Yen bus pass)

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