Monday, December 12, 2011

Ryokan with kaiseki dinner


We intend to make a reservation for 5 nights in a ryokan in Kyoto (Hiiragiya Bekkan or Kikokuso). Both offer kaiseki dinners in the evening. Do you think that there will be enough variation from one day to another, or will it be best to dine in ryokan only one or two nights and venture out to %26#39;real%26#39; restaurants the other days ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Ryokan with kaiseki dinner

I didn%26#39;t look up your ryokans in particular but if it were me I wouldn%26#39;t stay five nights in a ryokan. Service at a nice ryokan is such that it becomes almost claustrophobic after a day or two. I%26#39;d move to a hotel where I could go in %26amp; out anonymously. If it%26#39;s a more casual ryokan then maybe.

Ryokan with kaiseki dinner

The ryokan should vary the menu for you, but it won%26#39;t vary the style. Five nights of that would be like limiting your sightseeing to five days of temples only, when there are so many other wonderful sights.

I also agree with Spendthrift%26#39;s recommendation to change to a hotel after one or two nights. It%26#39;s a bit of a nuisance to change lodgings, but a hotel-plus-restaurant approach balances nicely with a ryokan-including-meals approach.

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