Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ginkakuji restorations

Is the main building of Ginkakuji still covered in scaffolding (as mentioned on Japangiude and some of the forum posts)? If so, would you still recommend going there? It is one thing I definitely wanted to see in Kyoto.

ginkakuji restorations

You can see yourself.

ginkakuji restorations

Boy, that scaffolding was up when I visited in February of last year. Is it ever coming down?

I didn%26#39;t find the pavilion itself all that fascinating. (It%26#39;s not covered in silver or anything.) It was the grounds that were interesting.

Don%26#39;t mix up Ginkakuj with Kinkakuji. Kinkakuji is on the other side of town, and it%26#39;s the one covered in gold.

oh, I know that ;-) A friend who lived in Kyoto strongly recommended Ginkakuji specifically. So no ideas as to when it will be scaffold free?

The earth quake resistant construction will be going on for another year. There are other places for better use of the entrance fee money, if you visit many. The area around the Ginkakuji is nice, though.

Thanks for the info.

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