Monday, December 12, 2011

2 nights in Tokyo need hotel suggestion and transportation

Travelling with 2 children (19 %26amp; 18)on the way back to USA. 2 nights in Tokyo where would you suggest we stay (budget $175 nt max) and best way for 3 to get from Narita to Hotel and back to Narita.

2 nights in Tokyo need hotel suggestion and transportation

If you are on a budget, I recommend taking the Keisei limited express train from Narita Airport into Tokyo and back.

The Keisei Limited is the cheapest way to travel from the Airport into Tokyo (as a one way fare is only 1000 is to Nippori) others might suggest the Suica and NEX, but that comes out a little more expensive (about 500 yen more if you factor in the Suica card and items, but 500 x 3 that%26#39;s 1500 yen saved), minor savings yes, but budget wise, if you are counting every yen spent, it counts for extra food money or spending money saved!

Of course if you wanted the Suica and NEX package will get you a reserved seating train direct to many places in Central Tokyo FROM the airport, and the Keisei Limited Express is a good option going BACK to the airport, if you choose that way.

2 nights in Tokyo need hotel suggestion and transportation

Does your US$175/nt budget include service and tax? Anyway, you may wish to check out Sunshine City Prince, Shinagawa Prince, Shinjuku Washington and Grand Palace Hotels which should meet your budget. You%26#39;ll need two rooms so that will be US$175 x 2 for every night. Hope this helps.

Thanks will look into the suggested hotels. Are these hotels close to rail statiom?

NEX-Suica package costs 1,500 Yen from Narita Airport to Tokyo. Keisei Limited Express costs 1,000 Yen + about 190 Yen on JR Yamanote Line depending on where your hotel is so by using Keisei and transferring to JR at Nippori, you save a minimum of 310 Yen. If you are staying at Shinjuku, the Keisei/JR combination typically takes 20 minutes more than NEX.

For hotels, you can actually get triple rooms so you don%26#39;t need two separate rooms. Shinagawa Grand Prince is 5 minutes from the station and seems to be ok. The triple room rate could be just around US$180. Shinjuku Rose Garden is another choice but it%26#39;s about 10 minutes from the Shinjuku Station. If your objective is to save, you can consider staying at the more basic Toyoko Inn. You can get two rooms there (one twin and one single) and the total cost could be as low as 16,000 Yen.

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