Monday, December 12, 2011

14 nights in Japan for honeymoon

My fiancee and I are thinking about travelling to Japan for our honeymoon in July.

We plan to spend 14 nights there and would initially fly to Tokyo and have a hotel room pre-booked. We would appreciate any advice as to the feasability of visiting other cities while we are there.

Is it easy to travel from Tokyo to other cities via the train?

Also, would it be better to organise our accommodation before we travel or is it easy to find a hotel room once we get there?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which cities would be best to visit for attractions?

We don%26#39;t want to be spending too much of our time there travelling so it would be ideal to get some ideas about cities in close proximity to Tokyo.

Many thanks in advance.

14 nights in Japan for honeymoon

Hello, FIRST, sorry for my poor english =(

%26gt;%26gt;Is it easy to travel from Tokyo to other cities via the train?

YES, very easy to going around Tokyo via Train.

you will only go to other city in Tokyo?

(ex, Akihabara, Shibuya Harajuku etc...)

that%26#39;s no problem. you can go to other place within 30 mins.

if you use Train many times, you must buy Suica railroad pass.

that is VERY useful for you.

it%26#39;s really useful, that card is use for ';JR railroad pass';,';other Local railroad pass';,';Bus pass'; and ';e-Money';

I%26#39;ll let you know few URL. I believe those will help you.


again, thanks for accepts my poor english =)

14 nights in Japan for honeymoon

if you know. please let me know name of Hotel. I can help.

but poor english =)

You can easily get many places from Tokyo via train. Most people get a RailPass before they get to Japan - if offers unlimited use on JR railways for a certain period of time.

What cities or locations would be best for you depend on what your interests are. There is a wealth of information on this site and others to guide you making some initial decisions.

Keep in mind that July will be very hot and humid, especially in the large cities.

I highly recommend you plan your trip in advance and book all your accomodation. Many Japanese are not comfortable speaking or understanding English so you save yourself tremendous headache if you plan first.

A good basic reference site, in addition to some guidebooks you should be using for your research:

i second that july in japan is hot and humid. however, there is some silver lining...summer is the season of colorful traditional festivals (called ';matsuri'; in japanese). for example, the gion festival in kyoto in july is one of the country%26#39;s bigger events (or parties). for smaller cities, be sure to book a hotel room in advance during festivals.…

hokkaido and mountainous areas (the japanese alps is very scenic) should be less hot. many locals retreat to these places to escape the heat.

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