Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Citadines Tokyo Shinjuku

Is Citadines Shinjuku close to - Walking distance to ';heart'; of Shinjuku? What is the estimate taxi fare from Shinjuku Station? 2 nights in Tokyo. Plan to visit Ginza, Imperial Palace and Roppongi.

Citadines Tokyo Shinjuku

Citadines is about 5 minutes east of the very center of Shinjuku and about 10 minutes to JR Shinjuku Station. You will be close to Marunouchi line subway stations though so it%26#39;s still reasonable to other areas of Tokyo with a transfer.

The taxi cost should be no more than 800 Yen, depending on traffic.

Note that from a tourist point-of-view, there isn%26#39;t much interesting at Ginza to see unless you are looking for something specific.

Citadines Tokyo Shinjuku

Thank you Sammy for the info. would you recomend Citadines or Sunroute Plaza. Ginza - just for the shopping experience. Again it may be changed now. Was in Tokyo 30 years ago.

I can%26#39;t really comment on Citadines as I haven%26#39;t stayed there. They can%26#39;t be realistically compared anyway because Citadines offers a bit more space and a kitchenette. Sunroute Plaza is just a straightforward hotel room but with a much better location. I%26#39;d say if you are not after a kitchen or won%26#39;t spend much time in your room, go with Sunroute Plaza. While it%26#39;s definitely nice to go back at night for more space, when traveling, especially in Tokyo, you generally don%26#39;t see the hotel room much. Being close to JR Shinjuku is much more important for transport reasons.

I agree with you.Location is more important. Only problem is travelling with 2 children (18 %26amp; 19). They would not mind the tight space but I tried Sunroute - I could not get a reservation for 3. Any suggestion?

You had asked this question in the other post.…

Basically, Sunroute doesn%26#39;t have triple rooms so you have to look elsewhere based on your budget.

Sunroute Plaza does offer a room for 3.

Scroll down and you%26#39;ll see ';ソファー付きツイン';, which means a twin room with an extra sofa bed.

But looks like it isn%26#39;t available through online booking, so perhaps you could try emailing them directly to inquire about it.

Good point above so there is a triple availability then.

The only problem is in OP%26#39;s other post, the budget isn%26#39;t up to this amount.

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