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Toyoko Hotels

Does anyone know the difference between single room A and single room B at Toyoko Hotels? B is more expensive so does that mean it%26#39;s bigger?

Also, I%26#39;d like to change a booking from 2 nights to 1 night but there%26#39;s no way to change on-line, only to cancel. I don%26#39;t want to cancel the whole booking and start again as I might miss out on the 1 night I want.

Toyoko Hotels

Try making a reservation for the 1 night you want. If that works, then cancel your original 2-night reservation.

Toyoko Hotels

If I recall many of the hotels are bunched up next to other buildings (as typical the case in Japan, some rooms had windows with a nice view of a brick wall.) and A rooms and B rooms were just the window views (if I remembered correctly, I could be wrong).

Thanks Bargainhunter and Tokyosubway

The hotel where I want to cancel one night is now booked out for the night I want to keep, so I can%26#39;t book it again. If I cancel the 2 nights and wait until the night I want shows up as available, I might miss out on it.

At the moment the only solution I can see is to keep the 2 nights and cancel the second night when we get there. I don%26#39;t like doing this as it stops someone else from booking a room, but it%26#39;s the only way I can be sure to keep the night I want.

Standards for what is considered a serious breach of etiquette are quite strict in Japan, and I am wondering if this would be considered just awful. (I know it would be considered normal in the USA!) But I spent much of my time in Japan worrying about making a gaffe that would create an international incident!

There is another option--and it entails a risk. You could cancel your 2-night reservation and then immediately reserve the night you want. In theory, this could work, as long as nobody else tries to reserve your night while you are in this process.

Are there any experts in Japanese etiquette who could venture an opinion on whether it%26#39;s a risk that should be taken?

It says on my reservation confirmation that rooms can be cancelled quite late without penalty - up until 4pm on the day of arrival.

So it should theoretically be okay to do this. I guess it means they would then have a room available for someone who walks in off the street.

I wonder why they don%26#39;t have a ';change booking'; facility on their website like Comfort Hotels does.

I see that they have a fax number for the hotel. Maybe you can fax them and ask them to confirm the change back via email or fax.

It%26#39;s OK. Suddenly there are lots of rooms available. They must have released more or had cancellations, so I was able to book one night and then cancel the earlier booking.

I%26#39;m pleased you ended up with what you want, and the hotel is not going to suffer. To we westerners, the Japanese often seem to do things in an %26#39;odd%26#39; way, but early on I was told that the Japanese systems work very well for the Japanese and they will work equally well for me - and there is no point in trying to tell them there is, in my view, a more efficient way of doing things (i.e.just go with the flow). I have found this to be exceptionally good advice.

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