Monday, December 12, 2011

Anyone stayed at Oakwood apartments shinjuku before?

Hey everyone,

I%26#39;m thinking our large group is going to book the apartments in shinjuku. 28-31yrs of age looking to do the culture bit during day and bars at night.

has anyone stayed here before? any thoughts on the location? rooms?

i%26#39;ve heard it%26#39;s about 3000 yen cab to shibuya (for after bars) and similar to roopangi but otherwise during day it should be fine no?

if anyone has any insight, would appreciate it. or, if you have any other places, let me know.

we like oakwood b.c the price seems great. $100USD-$140USD per room (studio) per night. means $70USD per person.

let me know!


Anyone stayed at Oakwood apartments shinjuku before?

Being a Tokyoite, I%26#39;ve never stayed at this establishment.

Having said that, I%26#39;ve compiled the directions with images to the Oakwood Shinjuku after you get off the Narita Express at Shinjuku.

You might want to buy the %26#39;Suica and NEX%26#39; combo at Narita.

You could find a lot of reviews on the Oakwood on this site.

Seems quotes a good rate for here, from 9,800 yen for a double. Give it a try.

A taxi ride from Roppongi actually costs approx. 3,000 yen after 10pm. The route map:

S = Roppongi Station

G = Oakwood Shinjuku

Anyone stayed at Oakwood apartments shinjuku before?


I stayed at Oakwood Apartments Shinjuku earlier this year in Feb and will be staying there again next month!

The rooms, although small, are awesome :)

We were surprised that they had a decent kitchen, bathroom, washing machine %26amp; dryer, a large flat screen tv, polished floorboards etc. etc. for that price!

It is also about a 5 - 10 min walk (depending on how slow you walk) up the road from Shinjuku station which is the busiest station in Tokyo. Also, made the most of our JR pass alot since most main places in Tokyo are less than a 15 - 20 train ride away

We found that alot of places use Shinjuku rather than Tokyo as an starting destination (e.g. the bus to Fuji-Q Highland starts from Shinjuku station)

Hope that helps! :)

Anyone can please provide me with a detailed map on the location of Oakwood Apartment ? (The one the apartment provide me is not detailed enough) The ones i find online doesn%26#39;t have Oakwood on their map. Please help ! Thank you !!

Map from JR Okubo Station to Oakwood:



Sorry, i need help with 1 more question. Is Oakwood nearer to Keio Plaza or Shinjuku Washington ? I joined Sunrise tour and they gave me choice for these 2 pick-up site. I have choosen Keio Plaza.

It is ';nearer'; to the Keio Plaza.

Here%26#39;s a quick map I made for reference:

Sorry the arrow pointing to the washington hotel is a little off, but I think its clear that the Keio Plaza is the better pick up point.

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