Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Anyone booked thru or before?


I%26#39;m looking to book my accomodation online, and found offer pretty good rates.

So I just wonder if anyone has experience booking with this site before I commit to them.

I also found some good rates at, any comments with this site?

Or any reliable site to book accomodation?

Please advise. Any comments/suggestions are welcome!

Anyone booked thru or before?…

Anyone booked thru or before?

i mixed up with the currency and actually is more expensive.

I found mixed review for so i%26#39;m not sure if it is worth to take the risk. I did try to book the hotel directly but their price is more expensive than the one listed on

any other reliable site anyone can suggest?

Used to use asiarooms, but they%26#39;re not always that cheap now.

Have used, and for our latest holiday...all seem very reputable.

One comment - we seem to have found that if you click on the ';get prices'; link from a hotel page in TripAdvisor that the prices quoted by e.g. expedia and is actually a little cheaper than if you go straight to their website...not sure how/why, but try it...might save you a bit more!!!

Thanks all for the reply.

I booked through asiarooms at the end. I managed to catch one of the cheapest rate of the week, and booked. The room was on request when I book, and I receive confirmation from asiarooms after about 24 hours.

It was all fine, and there isnt any problems checking into the hotel. But remember to bring the printout from asiaroom, otherwise the hotel may refuse your check-in.

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