Monday, December 12, 2011

flea/free market

just wondering if anyone knows of a flea market near or in shinjuku from april 12-17. i found some but not within these days or close by. thanks.

flea/free market

flea/free market

Wow, this one looks like fun!鈥?/a>

Can anyone explain to me if and how I can get there using a JR train? I%26#39;m leaving from Shinjuku station.

Train routing, schedules and fares here -

Thanks, I know about the schedule site, but it%26#39;s confusing to me. I was looking for a more detailed response if someone can help. :)

Take the Yamanote (circle) line from Shinjuku station, then the Monorail towards Haneda airport.

Get off at Oi Kebajo Mae (Horse race track). You can tell this station by the barn smell.

Thank you so much! I%26#39;ll keep my nose on the lookout for the smell! :)

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