Monday, December 12, 2011

serious advice for a newbie needed

Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well. I just bought my first RT ticket to Tokyo today and I am having my first ';Oh ****'; moment. Tokyo has been a place I have wanted to visit since I was a kid, now I realize that I know very little of my destination beyond my abstract view of the city.

I read the sticky on Tokyo Neighborhoods, but I found it lacking. It discussed 7 areas when earlier it stated that there are 23 districts in Tokyo. My first question is, are these districts the only ones worth staying in or just the main tourist districts?

My second question is, what are the districts one can stay in if you don%26#39;t need to be in the center of the action and don%26#39;t mind a 30 to 35 minute train ride each way everyday.



serious advice for a newbie needed

1. Districts: don%26#39;t worry too much about them. Generally speaking, as a first-timer, the best area to stay is Shinjuku, then Shimbashi/Ginza, Shibuya, or Ikebukuro. These places give convenient access to the rest of Tokyo and day trips outside Tokyo. Also, they are major commercial and entertainment districts so there are lots of dining and shopping options.

2. A good general guide for what to see and do at Tokyo:

3. Helpful links on transport:

Suica/NEX package to saves money from Narita Airport to Tokyo:

Train schedules and fares:

General information on Tokyo transport:

serious advice for a newbie needed

i just came back from japan

and like you knew nothing about it. how big the scale of tokyo is

how ever i did my home work with the help of tripadvisor, and another website and had the best holiday ever

forget the districts, all you need to know is if its tokyo your going to and which area your staying in and what you want to do

here%26#39;s my report...and withen the 6 pages are 3 photo albums…

thank you for your replies and info. this is what i was hoping to get. i try to do most of my research on my own, but when you know nothing about nothing it is hard to know what to put in the search box.

i am sure i will be asking many questions between now and when i depart, but i feel this is the start i need. thanks again.


I%26#39;ll add -

I find tokyoessentials%26#39; information to be outdated and even wrong at times. Transportation page doesn%26#39;t look like its been updated in ages.

Because the sites in Tokyo are pretty spread out, there really isn%26#39;t one best area to stay (e.g., an area where all the tourist sites are located), although Shinjuku has the best transportation connections and loads of hotels.

If you want to stay somewhere that%26#39;s a bit more out of the buzz, I would suggest Ueno. It%26#39;s still well connected to the rest of the city but much quieter than Shinjuku.

OK. How about -

Try this one:

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