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Can anyone suggest a mid price restaurant for birthday meal?


We are staying in Shinjuku in April and it is my birthday on Sunday 12th April. We would like to go out for a good meal- it doesn%26#39;t have to be terribly expensive, but perhaps it would be a restaurant with a choice of dishes or set menu?

I am thinking of one the restaurants here:

We would like something that perhaps includes noodle or rice - I like sushi, but my husband doesn%26#39;t. He will eat everything else though! Chicken, pork, beef burgers are his favourite!

I appreciate there are so many places to choose- but if there are any ideas of where we could go, it would be fantastic



Can anyone suggest a mid price restaurant for birthday meal?

Those places in the hotel are ok.

If you want to get out of the hotel, then perhaps I can suggest Beacon Urban Chop House - its located in Aoyama, a short distance from Shinjuku.

Beacon has a JPY 5,500 and JPY 7,500 course menu. Wine is about 6,000.

Another suggestion would be Fujimama%26#39;s at Omotesando.

There is a long list of restaurants, with reviews, at this site

Can anyone suggest a mid price restaurant for birthday meal?

Hi, Nicola,

Happy Birthday!

Yamanote%26#39;s suggestion of Fujimama%26#39;s is spot on. And convenient. A perk is that they speak English.

Gonpachi is also a nice choice, with a lot of variety.

We often go the ';Kushiyaki and Soba'; Gonpachi when we have visitors in town. There are lots of locations to choose from. You could stop by on your way to or from wherever you are spending your day. Don%26#39;t limit yourself to the Keio Plaza.

There%26#39;s a nice Japanesey restaurant in Shinjuku called ';Aya'; -- across the street from First Kitchen on Rt. 20 on the way to Shinjuku Station from Keio Plaza Hotel. It%26#39;s down in the basement. But they only speak Japanese.

Or try some of the restuarants on the top floor of ';My Lord'; (pronounce ';me-lo-doe'; (as in I, my, me, and doe a deer) above the South Exit of Shinjuku Station.

I wasn%26#39;t too terribly impressed with Beacon. Gomen, Yamanote-san.

Bon appetit, Nicola!


Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

Not many weeks to go now!



I was in a branch of this place near Kobe this week - it was excellent! I will post a review soon. The web site for the restaurant is only in Japanese. There is a branch in Shinjuku.

I%26#39;m sorry to say I was in Gonpachi last week and was disappointed. Maybe I am just getting too picky. Its notable as the place Koizumi took Bush for dinner a few years ago.

Hi, Yamanote,

Which Gonpachi did you got to? NishiAzabu?

The one in Shibuya is still good. Love the Ebi Shinjo and croquette!

Now I%26#39;m hungry!!!

Yes, Nishiazabu. Lately I have been a bit critical of the Global Dining Group restaurants - many are in need of a face lift. I will say the service is usually attentive and its visitor friendly - always an English menu.

In Shibuya, for a birthday meal, I would prefer Legato over Gonpachi, just because its more elegant, and I think overall better. The secret is that both are Global Dining properties.

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