Monday, December 12, 2011

sightseeing during 5 hour layover in Tokyo

I have a 5 hour layover in Tokyo on my way to Seoul. I arrive Sunday May 10th at 1pm and leave for Korea at 6:20pm. Is it possible to visit Narita-San Shinshoji Temple and make it back within 3hrs. Looking for fastest and cheapest way to get there and back. I don%26#39;t mind walking if that%26#39;s possible. Thanks

sightseeing during 5 hour layover in Tokyo

It%26#39;s just a short hop by train and then walking.

Have fun!

sightseeing during 5 hour layover in Tokyo

Narita layover info:

When you go to Narita City, take the Keisei Limited Express. It runs every 20 minutes, costs 250 yen and takes 9 minutes.

Keisei Line info:


Having said that, you are cutting it very close, so beware you won%26#39;t miss the connecting flight.

Remember to be back at the airport by 5:00pm. You need to allow time to clear immigration. Around 6pm is the peak time for Narita departures.

If you find you don%26#39;t have enough time to leave the terminal, you will find lots of shops and restaurants in the departure area before passport control. There are also showers and dayrooms after passport control, in case you want to freshen up before arriving in Seoul.

Thanks everyone for your reply. I%26#39;m looking forward to a great trip.

If you%26#39;re never been to Japan then I would make a rush trip into Narita City. You can get a good feel for being in Japan there. Of course, it%26#39;s just going to be quick and superficial but it%26#39;s better than staying at the airport.

I agree with Route. Time allowed, definitely head to Narita even if it%26#39;s just for a meal, seeing a temple, and visiting a local store like Jusco. However brief it might be, this is a true cultural experience for first-timers.

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