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10 hour layover - suggestions?

hi folks

got a ten hour layover in tokyo. is it possible to leave the airport and see a site or two? any suggestions? someone told me i%26#39;d need a visa to re-enter the airport. ideas?

i%26#39;d like to be conservative with time, so anything i can see/do in six or seven hours and have plenty of time to return to the airport would be great. love sushi. love art. love gardens and other forms of beauty.


10 hour layover - suggestions?

Sounds like you%26#39;re not temperamentally suited to a dash into Tokyo.

Narita City is a ten-minute train ride from the airport. Stroll past the old (souvenier) shops to Naritasan Temple and its grounds. Look at the plastic food displays in the restaurant windows. Stick your head in the door and look confused. Point at what you want. You will need some yen--dollars aren%26#39;t used and many places don%26#39;t take credit cards. There are international ATMs in the Arrivals area.

Get back to the airport in plenty of time. There are lots of shops and restaurants after check-in, before passport control. After passport control, there are shower rooms and dayrooms.

You%26#39;re a US citizen? I think you go through customs and immigration like any other US visitor. The visa is just a stamp they put in your passport.

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The advice about Narita City is good, but if your flight is on time getting into NRT, ten hours is long enough to get into Tokyo and back.

The Keisei Skyliner gets into Uneo Keisei station in about an hour. If the cherry blossoms are in bloom, walk around Ueno Park for awhile. Then walk into the Ameyoko Market area that is right there.

Later, you can pick up a box of sushi in the lower level of the Matsuzakaya Dept store.

The Tokyo National Museum is right in Ueno Park.

You could have a pretty fantastic three-four hours in the Uneo area. In fact, I%26#39;m envious.

The link for the Keisei Skyliner is鈥op.html

An hour to leave, and you%26#39;ll need to be back two hours before your next flight. That%26#39;s now a 7 hour layover. If you go to Ueno, you%26#39;ll need to plan on an hour and a half each way, which cuts your time down to 4 hours.

Narita city is only 15 minutes away. You can check out the temple, each lunch, walk around.....why, you can probably walk back to the airport! *Just kidding. :-)

You don%26#39;t need a visa to re-enter the airport. You may or may not need a visa to enter Japan the country. If you hold a US Passport, there is nothing to worry about since you can stay up to 90 days.

I think Ueno is a great place to visit given the amount of time you have. Plan about 2.5 hours between landing and actually arriving Ueno. You can stay for 4 hours or so before heading back. Be sure to get back to the airport about 90 minutes before your flight to allow time to clear immigration and security.

Plan your train travel in advance and scout the platforms for departure when you get there. For schedules, see

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