Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bus from Toyama to Niigata

Is there a bus from Toyama to Niigata that travels along the coastline of the Sea of Japan? How long does it take, and what is the cost?



Bus from Toyama to Niigata

I delayed replying because I hoped someone else would have first-hand knowledge.

I could not find a direct bus from Toyama to Niigata. There is one from Kanazawa, but it runs only twice a day. My impression, from looking at Wikimapia, is that the expressway is inland from the rail line and runs in tunnels much of the way. Here is an example wikimapia.org/…2

Perhaps the best plan is to take the Limited Express HOKUETSU to Niigata. It takes three hours, and seems to run along the coast much of the way.

Bus from Toyama to Niigata

Well, there%26#39;s a direct bus from Toyama to Niigata twice a day.

Toyama station (departure): 7:50am, 17:10

Niigata station (arrival): 11:38 am, 20:58

Cost: 4000 yen (7200 yen for round trip)

Tickets can be bought at the booth in Dentetsu Toyama Station Building 1F. (phone: 076-433-4890)


I cannot comment on the view from the bus, though...

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