Friday, March 26, 2010

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Hi there,

Is there any possibility of joining the tour to visit the Kyoto Imperial Palace since I didnt book online to join the tour in English? Can we still turn up at the palace and try to get in? Has anyone done this before with no problem.

Thanks for any feedback, really appreciate it.


Kyoto Imperial Palace

We didn%26#39;t know we had to reserve for the free English guided foreigner only tour. We went before lunch time and applied at the office and took the 2pm tour. There must have been about 100 people altogether in our tour group. So take a chance by going to the office a little early. They have 10am tour,too. Don%26#39;t take Japanese nationals though as they can not apply and tour on the same day. Take your passport. Stay with the group and don%26#39;t try to go off on your own. The security is tight.

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