Sunday, March 28, 2010

Subway Travel & different Card

What would be better to travel around tokyo: Pasmo Card / Passnet / suica or could get 2 day Tokyo-metro pass for 980 yen.

What%26#39;s the difference between all those cards?

Will be travelling around Japan for 3 weeks, last 5 days in tokyo and will have a JR Pass - don%26#39;t know if I should stick with 21 day pass or go for the 14 day pass and just buy something else to travel around tokyo? But am looking at going to Nikko and Hakone as day trips?


Subway Travel %26amp; different Card

Passmo and Suica are almost the same, you can use all sorts of transportation with those cards..I just came from Tokyo and used Passmo; bought it from a machine in a subway station, blue machine, and english is provided. You have JR pass, which will give you access to railways in Tokyo as well, so I suggest you go with a day metro card, unlimited metro usage, but get the one that is valid for both companies (Tokyo metro, and the other private company)..Beware, JR pass can not be used on the fastest Shinkanzen bullet train; you%26#39;%26#39;ll have to take the slightly slower one. JR will take you to Nikko and Hakone...

Have a great time...

Subway Travel %26amp; different Card

Within Tokyo, most passes don%26#39;t offer you too much savings. This 980 Yen 2-day Metro Pass is probably one of the better ones. Still, you%26#39;d need to take 3 rides each day on the subway to save a few Yen. Note that the pass is not valid on JR. Sometimes sticking to subway only might be inconvenient.

There is no point in having a JR Pass in Tokyo. The costs of traveling within Tokyo are small compared to the value of the pass, which is really meant for long distance train travel. Post your itinerary and you will get some feedback on what passes are best to get.

Generally speaking:

1. If you fly into Narita, use NEX-Suica to save money:

2. Use Suica within greater Tokyo. No savings but more for the convenience.

3. Use JR Pass for long distance travel, usually at least a roundtrip between Tokyo and Kyoto/Osaka to make a 7-day pass worthwhile.

4. Use Hyperdia to add up single ticket costs and compare against face value of the JR Pass.

Keep it simple. Buy your way around in Tokyo. The savings would be min., if any at all. For Nikko and Hakone, buy the package tickets. If you are going to use JR Pass for 5 days in Tokyo, then, you may be wasting the value of it. Plan it so the pass will expire or be close to expiration when you arrive in Tokyo.

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