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daytrips from narita to tokyo

we are spending two nights in narita and want to make a daytrip to tokyo.is this the way or should we stay in tokyo?any advise on what to do and where to book?

daytrips from narita to tokyo

Are you referring to Narita City? Or are you laying over between flights at the airport?

A good site to do some research - http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2164.html

daytrips from narita to tokyo

Depends. I%26#39;m assuming you are on layover between international flights. If you are getting into Narita late or have to leave early, or have long flights at both ends of your stay, I would do Tokyo as a day trip. That will give you flexibility--if you%26#39;re too tired, you can hang out at the hotel or check out the temple (and many souvenier shops) in Narita. http://wikitravel.org/en/Narita#See

What to do in a day to Tokyo? Here%26#39;s one possibility:

Keisei Skyliner or Rapid Express to Nippori. Yamanote Line to Shinjuki (experience rush hour in Shinjuku station!!!!)

Walk to Tocho--the Tokyo Metro Gov%26#39;t building. Gawk at the archtecture. Pick up a map at the Tokyo Tourist Info. Go to the free observation deck and see the expanse of Tokyo.

Take the Oedo line from there to Ryogoku. Exit A3 or A4 will take you to the Edo-Tokyo Museum (I know, you don%26#39;t want to waste your day in a museum, but trust me). Learn about Tokyo%26#39;s birth and many resurrections from fire, earthquake, political upheaval, war. There are cafes and lunchrooms in the museum

Take the Oedo line to Kiyosumi=Shirakawa and stroll in the quiet Kiyosumi garden (entrance down a side street).

If you won%26#39;t be seeing the Narita temple, see Asakusa (/Ah sock suh/) Kannon. Time is short. Take a taxi. Mingle with the crowds in the street of souvenier stands. Check out the much quieter buildings and gardens off to the side of the big temple. Find a place with good-looking plastic food for dinner

Take the Ginza line from Asakusa to Ueno. Follow the signs to Keisei Ueno.

More useful info for transit passengers: narita-airport.jp/en/…index.html

The negative side of staying in Narita is the distance to Tokyo (1 hour by train and even longer by bus) plus the cost. The last train back is around 10pm. Stay in Tokyo unless you%26#39;re unable to find a hotel. In that case, Narita hotels are always open and cheaper.


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