Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kyoto Quickie

Hi, My partner and I are travelling to Japan in mid April... with our 13month old (not yet walking).

1. what is the quickest/easiest way to get Kansai to our hotel in Osaka with at best sleeping - at worst tired - baby (we will have a pram - she%26#39;s 13kg!!); luggage etc.

2. Given night flight home again, are we better getting to airport from Kyoto, or doing another night in Osaka??


Kyoto Quickie

Depends what hotel are you staying at in Osaka?

There are trains, buses etc different trains for different locations, some direct buses depending on hotel.

Kyoto Quickie

Thanks for getting back so quickly! We are staying at Villa Fontaine Shinsaibashi. We would normally do the train/subway thing, but am concerned that may be timely and hard work given bub, and fact we have been told we will have to fold pram up on trains etc?!?

Ah, that hotel. Trains, buses, taxis you%26#39;ll still need to fold up any prams/baby carriages/strollers or anything that will take up space when deployed.

My advice, take the Nankai Trains from Kansai Airport (not JR trains)to Shimbashi Station, then don%26#39;t bother with transfering to subways at Shimbashi Station, just take a short taxi ride from Shimbashi Station to the hotel. Advice if you take a taxi from Shimbashi, have a printout of the hotel in Japanese ready, you can get that here:

For your last day, if your hotel is near Kyoto Station, there are direct trains and buses from Kyoto Station areato Kansai Airport.

No direct trains or buses from the Villa Fontaine Shinsaibashi in Osaka.

Thank you thank you!!! In saying that, if %26#39;%26#39;that hotel%26#39; means we should be looking elsewhere - PLEASE, tell me now :)!!!

No, I didn%26#39;t make it to sound bad, it was that someone had recently asked for directions to the hotel from Kansai Airport, and it was kind of complicated to give for a single traveler making train connections, I can only imagine that it would be a little harder for someone with a family and luggage. But if you go from Kansai Airport to Shimbashi Station, then skip the transfer option, and just took a taxi, then it shouldn%26#39;t be a problem.

You might consider hotels around Osaka and Umeda station area. You will have more convenient access from Kansai Airport and also to Kyoto, Nara and other places of interest since you wouldn%26#39;t need to bother with the taxi or subway ride.

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