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April 7-10, Disneyland?

We will be in Tokyo April 6-11. We want to do 2 days at Disneyland. I am a Disney NUT and we will have out 3 sons with us. So our choices are Tues-Wed. OR Wed-Thur OR Thurs-Friday. We will take the free bus from our hotel and stay from opening to close. Which would you do? I think the Japanese schools start on that Tuesday?

Any advise is appreciated! Also, should I attempt to pre-book the tickets on the Disney Website? I took a look a few weeks ago and got intimidated!

Thanks for your help,


April 7-10, Disneyland?

Hi Katy,

Like you, we also did Tokyo Disney over two days in Dec last year. We did Disneyland on Tuesday and Disneysea on Wednesday..Disneyland seems more crowded, even on a Tuesday but Disneysea was relatively ok. There were some queues especially for the more popular rides like Journey to the Center of the earth but not too long. The longest we had to queue was half an hour. Of course, there%26#39;s always the option of the fast pass.

Don%26#39;t know about holidays in Japan now but perhads a local expert will answer your question.

What I wanted to share is that I booked our tickets on the Disney website. Its in english and very easy to do.


You are guaranteed entry into the theme park you want to visit on the day of your choice. Also, no need to queue to collect your tickets. Just simply show your computer printout of your reservations and pay in cash or the credit card you used when you booked the tickets online. On the day of visit,you collect the tickets at the Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome center, visible as you come out of Maihama Station.They open at 7.30 in the morning.

Very easy and fuss free. One tip is to check the park calender and schedule for opening hours and temporary closure of any rides or attractions.

Have a good trip!

April 7-10, Disneyland?

Whichever you choose Tue%26amp;Wed, Wed%26amp;Thu or Thu%26amp; Fri, don%26#39;t worry about big crowded as you said most of Japanese school starts on 7th.

Great! Thanks for your help!

we arrive in Tokyo Mon evening, so will probably see some things in Tokyo on Tuesday and go to DisneyLand Wed. and Thursday.



Hi Katy--

My family (5 of us) are travelling specifically to Tokyo to go to the Tokyo Disney Resort in late May, early June (May 24-June 4, 2009).

Like you, I am a BIG Disney fan (and have been lucky enough to go to DL Paris, WDW several times, the Disney Cruise...and we live in California, so we go to Disneyland quite often).

We are staying in Tokyo itself (Shibuya) for the first 4 days--as my daughters, who are adults now, want to see those sites.

I found a GREAT Tokyo Disney Resort site while fishing around on the internet.

This man has some great pictures, and he details all restaraunts, rides and shops!

Have Fun!


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