Sunday, March 28, 2010

Booking Hotels for 'Split-Stays'

Hi guys, just wondering how people tend to book their hotels when they are doing the Tokyo-Kyoto-Tokyo itinery?

Do you normally just book it as 3 separate bookings and then your flights separate?

The reason I ask is that expedia offers pretty good deals for hotel + flights booked together, but I can%26#39;t find any way of making that work for this sort of trip. For example they are currently offering 50% of stays of 7 nights or more on the Sunroute Shinjuku - I would be there for 7 nights, but just not 7 in a row! Presumably I wouldn%26#39;t be able to use this offer if I made a booking for 4 nights, and then another one for 3.

I know this is quite a common way of seeing Japan for a first timer, so wasn%26#39;t sure if there was maybe a website or company that specialised in doing your booking this way.

Sorry, I realise its a stupid question, but thought it was worth asking!

Booking Hotels for 'Split-Stays'


Not a stupid question at all. Why don%26#39;t you contact Expedia customer services and ask them? I should have thought in the present situation they would do their best to help. It would be very useful for others to know the answer.


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