Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Travelling with baby

Hi, My partner and I are travelling to Japan in mid April... with our 13month old (not yet walking). We are flying in to Kansai - have booked 3 nights in Osaka (no Kyoto accom available), 5 nights Tokyo then have 3 nights before we head home again. We are hoping to do Kyoto at that end..

My questions:

1. We land at night after a 8 hour flight: what is the quickest way to get to our hotel in Osaka with at best sleeping - at worst tired - baby (we will have a pram - she%26#39;s 13kg!!); luggage etc.

2. Given accom is still limited in Kyoto on our return - we are tossing up between accom at Kyoto Stn (I do realise pram/baby will be some hassle with buses etc) or another near Karasuma-Oike. Any hints? Is the K-O option ultimately going to give easier access to sights, Gion etc?? Any suggestions re good accom alternatives also appreciated!!

3. Given night flight home again, are we better getting to airport from Kyoto, or doing another night in Osaka??

4. We keep getting wildly varying info re JR Pass costs (damned exchange rates!). We were looking at a 7 day pass to get Shinkansan Osaka-Tokyo-Kyoto and for use locally while in Tokyo. Is the pass more economical than just buying a return Shinkansan and paying for local travel??

Thank you thank you thank you in advance... it%26#39;s amazing how throwing the relative comfort of a 13month old into the mix just suddenly makes it all matter so much more!

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