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Uniqlo in Ginza

Dear all,

Understand that there is a huge Uniqlo store (whole building) located at Ginza.

May i know where can i find this Uniqlo store in Ginza?

Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Uniqlo in Ginza

I found this on the web: ';Uniqlo

Japan’s colorful, budget-conscious fashion brand now has a flagship in Ginza, just down the street from hallowed names like Chanel, Dior and Gucci. 5-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku. Tel: 03-3569-6781. Open daily 11am-9pm. Nearest stn: Ginza or Ginza Itchome.';

(For a map, go to, hit the button for English address lookup, and enter the address, starting with Tokyo, then Chuo, then Ginza, then 5-7-7.)

Uniqlo in Ginza

Check-out the one in Omotesando, not that I shop there. It%26#39;s in an interesting and more affordable area and easier to find.


The Ginza one is at the main street between Ginza subway station and JR Shimbashi station. Basically, if you walk up the street from Burberry and Toy Museum near JR Shimbashi, you can%26#39;t miss it.

Thanks to both Bargainhunter %26amp; Macsubi.

For the one located at Omotesando, do you guys happened to know which exit frm Omotesando?

Thanks Sammyfloyd.

Will try my best navigate around :)

Sorry, side track a little... Understand there is also Agnes B store at Omotesando and Aoyama.

Shall i visit the one at Omotesando or Aoyama. Which store carries more bags which are limited editions or more designs available?

Uniglo in Omotesando is towards the Harajuku end of Omotesando (the street). I don%26#39;t know about the bag selection but I know you have a choice of numerous stores in the area that are more affordable and less conservative than Ginza. Save the Ginza for a Sunday stroll when they close the streets, otherwise, it%26#39;s overated - overpriced.

I wouldn%26#39;t say Ginza shopping is overpriced because like the rest of Tokyo%26#39;s shopping areas, it mostly has the exact same shops selling the same brands at the same prices. Therefore, Ginza is never particularly high on my list from a sightseeing point-of-view.

Note that at Shinjuku%26#39;s west exit, you can walk up north for a couple of minutes and you will come to a decent Agnes b. store with Voyage bag selections. It%26#39;s on the ground floor next to the sidewalk so you can%26#39;t miss it. The store is actually part of the Odakyu department store.

Hi Sammyfloyd %26amp; Macsubi,

Thanks for the prompt advice :)

I agree with Ginza not being a sightseeing spot, so save it for something to do at night. The neon is fabulous. Save Omotesando for the day and look for small shops of new designers especially if you%26#39;re in the design or fashion biz. Lots of creativity and action, unlike Ginza.


I love the Uniqlo quality and pricing. I thought that Uniqulo was similar to Gap, in that the pricing should be the same at all of the stores, you just may find the biggest selection at the flagship Ginza store.

I bought several tee shirts in 4/07 when I visited the Sunshine City Uniqulo, and they are still in great shape, held their color much better than any I bought at home and paid about $9 US for them.

I have been looking forward to a little longer shopping at Uniqlo this trip!

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