Friday, March 26, 2010

In Tokyo and loving it!!

Hi all, I arrived into Tokyo yesterday, and today had my full day out, and it has been a wild ride!!. After waking up at 1pm (tired) and with a rainy weather I went to check the Imperial Palace and later Akihabara...incredible, incredible.

For the people looking for hotel, Im staying at the Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku and so far, its going to be 5/5 on my later review!, so go for it.

Im preparing my trip report!!


In Tokyo and loving it!!

Welcome! It%26#39;ll be sunny on Friday and Saturday. :-)

In Tokyo and loving it!!

Go For It!!

Arigato Gozaimas!

i stayed at sunroute plaza!!

which room you got?

i got 830 and my friend got 818

we booked a twin and a double room (standard)

you used the toilets in reception yet?

they%26#39;re even more hi tech than the ones in the room!!!!

by the way... if you exit the hotel... walk right...head down one level for the toei line...enter the building...there%26#39;s a decent ramen restaurant along with another am/pm shop!!!

and there%26#39;s a family mart after the train track

im booking my sunroute for my trip next year..i know the train station is not far away..but is there any good food outlet just downstairs from sunroute??

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