Tuesday, March 30, 2010

help - which train ticket should we buy to go round tokyo?

my husband and i will be travelling to Tokyo tomorrow and are at a loss as to which train ticket will be the best value for us.

We are staying in Ueno and will have 2 full days to see Tokyo, as we have a baby with us our sightseeing will be a bit limited but want to do as much as we can.

Day 1 - visit government building No 1, walk around Tokyo from Kudanshita station to Hibiya station to see imperial palace gardens and old Tokyo.

Day 2 - walk around Ueno Park and visit local museums, zoo.

we are need to purchase the skyliner train ticket from narita airport. Where can we buy this ticket

many thanks

help - which train ticket should we buy to go round tokyo?

You purchase the Skyliner ticket at the airport train station. keisei.co.jp/keisei/鈥_ticket.html

You don%26#39;t need a special train ticket to get around Tokyo. Subway travel is inexpensive. A Suica stored-value card is convenient. http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2359_002.html

help - which train ticket should we buy to go round tokyo?

You can either buy the Skyliner ticket at the train station platform level at a machine or the manned ticket window, or upon exit of the arrival hall, there is a desk that sells it for cash only.

Normally, you don%26#39;t need a day pass as it generally doesn%26#39;t pay for itself. However, the following is a good deal since you are staying at Ueno and can use quite a bit of subway:


No rail pass really needed as Ueno to Shinjuku, then Shinjuku to kanda/tokyo station (walkable to imperial palace), then back to Ueno is under 600 yen. All rail passes start at the 700 yen or higher mark.

Though the Skyliner and Metro combination comes with a discounted Tokyo Metro Pass.

Note it is only for Tokyo Metro, so plan accordingly using only the 9 subway lines, which isn%26#39;t too bad because Kudanshita, Hibiya, Shinjuku are connected via Tokyo Metro.


Walking from Kudanshita to Hibiya is LOOONG. I know, because I%26#39;ve done Otemachi to Kudanshita before, and before that I did a Otemachi from Hibiya, there isn%26#39;t much old tokyo and the imperial palace gardens is really located around takabashi station area.

If you like Old Tokyo, head nearby from Ueno to Asakusa instead (which is Tokyo Metro accessible).


thanks everyone for the advice. It really was a lot easier than I expected and got skyliner tickets no problem at the airport. we decided to get individual tickets to everywhere as it worked out cheaper and we had a fab 2 days in Tokyo. just wish we could have spent longer there

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