Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Train ticket advice requested


I have recently come to Japan to teach English but haven%26#39;t been here long enough yet to work out much of the language or the cheapest way to travel!

One of my friends is coming for a week%26#39;s holiday and we plan to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, then to Nara, then to return to Tokyo.

I understand that there is a cheap train ticket option for UK residents that my friend will be able to purchase, which should cover her even on the shinkansens.

However, I don%26#39;t know what option is best for me. Is there a travel card that I can buy that will give me unlimited travel on all the main routes?

Advice much appreciated!



Train ticket advice requested

Since you are not a ';temporary visitor'; you cannot get the ';Japan Rail Pass'; like your friend, which is open to all temporary visitors (eg tourists) not only UK residences.

You have a few options for this route:

1. Take an overnight bus instead.

2. Try going to a discount ticket shop (small slight discount)or

3. Get this ticket:


It allows you to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto for only 9800yen (one way) (Kyoto to Nara is by cheap local trains so you don%26#39;t need advance tickets for Kyoto-Nara).

9800x2 = 19600 Japanese Yen, in fact this is cheaper then the Japan Rail Pass your friend is getting (a 7 day JR Pass costs 28300).

So as long as you are traveling Tokyo-Kyoto back to Kyoto, using overnight buses like 123bus.net or the Shinkansen Kodama Plan you still save money.

Train ticket advice requested

Many thanks for your response! Buses are out, I%26#39;m afraid, as we have already made hotel reservations, but the information about the Shinkansen tickets is very useful!

Thanks again


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