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talong painkillers to Japan

Hi, i have read all the listings regarding painkillers but need some help to get it straight in my head. My hisband takes codeine for migraine, but I know this is illegal, so as we only have a week and no time to get the relevant certificate before we travel, we will have to leave these behind.

Can we take instead, over the counter painkillers such as



lyceiene (anti migraine)

tramadol hydrochloride (prescription)

amitryptaline (prescription)

Dont want to risk any trouble. thanks everyone.

talong painkillers to Japan

People will tell you they%26#39;ve brought XYZ over-the-counter or prescription drugs and never had a problem. It%26#39;s up to you to decide and interpret the above links.

talong painkillers to Japan

I think If i read these right then the over the counter stuff is fine as long as it is stimulant and codiene free, and the others are ok too as long as it is less than a months supply and for sole use.

To be on the safe side, take a doctor%26#39;s note stating to the fact that those drugs are needed.

Paracetamol and ibuprofen is no problem, though you can get those here easily enough.

Your 2 prescriptions are most likely to cause problems if they ask or find them as one is an opiate derivative.

If you look at the Japan customs link the information is vague. Why don%26#39;t you email the UK embassy in Japan ( and see if they can help clarify the situation for you. Or email the Japan customs, at least you will know (there was a link to an email address on that link)

Thanks. I didnt know that the others were opium derivative, which one do you know? I will just try and leave it behnd.


Its the tramadol hydrochloride, but if these are presciption and you really need them, I would try and get a doctors certificate and email the UK embassy/ Japan customs and see if they can clarify whether you can bring them or not.

here%26#39;s the information on it

If you don%26#39;t bring these, then why don%26#39;t you bring a note of these medications so you can see if you can get a similar prescription here if necessary (I%26#39;m not sure they%26#39;ll have exactly the same though).

偏頭痛; 片頭痛 【へんずつう; へんとうつう】 (n) migraine (headache) this is the kanji for migraine which might be useful (its pronounced henzutsue).

I%26#39;ve suffered from a few migraines myself so I know they%26#39;re not fun at all. I have found that paracetomol called Bufferin plus is v. effective with headaches.

it%26#39;s over the counter codeine that is a problem in japan. i%26#39;ve been prescribed codeine here--it%26#39;s not illegal.

so as long as it is prescription, and as long as you%26#39;re bringing less than a month%26#39;s supply, a copy of the prescription and a doctor%26#39;s note will be ok--you don%26#39;t need the special certificate yakkan shoumei. not sure how that works in the uk, but in the states, i just had my doctor fax those things to me for some other prescriptions and those were fine for japanese customs.

ibuprofen and paracetamol are easily obtained--the popular brand of ibuprofen is called eve. paracetamol is called by the u.s. name acetaminophen--you can usually find the brand tylenol.

Thanks so much everyone. The kanji for migraine will be really helpful, I have printed it and put it with my tickets. Hopefully it wont be a problem, but just in case....

I will see if my husband can get a copy prescription for his painkeillers before next week, but it is goof to know that if he needs them they can be prescribed in japan. Thanks once againf for this great advice. I am so looking forward to Japan!

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