Sunday, March 28, 2010

Has anyone gone with JTB for Tokyo/Kyoto?

Hello! We are going to Japan in Sept. and really like the price of the Split Stay Jalpak thru JTB.

Just wondering if there are any folks out there who%26#39;ve done this thru them and can tell us if we%26#39;re buying something that%26#39;s ';worth it';.

I%26#39;m a bit skeptical as the rates are really cheap (Tucson/Tokyo/Kyoto/Okinawa/Tucson). Also, there are no meals included.

Should we go with a more ';full service'; tour?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.


Has anyone gone with JTB for Tokyo/Kyoto?

If you like Jalpak you are found, take it the tour package. Jalpak and JTB, both are very reliable.

JTB is the biggest travel agent in Japan.

Jalpak is the tour product provided by JAL, Japan Air Lines since 1965. It is always attractive, high-quality tours can be seen in Japan.

Here in Japan, Jalpak is for international travel and Furari is for domestic one; both are JAL%26#39;s tour products. You may talking about jalpak, but it is the same as Furari here. Furari is for individual travel people, and their air + hotel package tour is very reasonable, affordable price; we can make the reservation from JTB also.

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