Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Advice needed! - Kyoto Hotels

I%26#39;d love some recommendation of good budget hotels in Kyoto. Ideally looking for somewhere in Higashiyama or downtown area. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for a nice ryokan in Nara, that would be great.

Advice needed! - Kyoto Hotels

How much are you expecting to spend? Budget can have a lot of different meanings.

Advice needed! - Kyoto Hotels

hi there, probably 100-150 usd for the room. thanks

Before someone mentions a toyoko-inn hotel which I have a major problem with, take a look at the New Miyako Hotel across the street from Kyoto Station:


The cheaper rooms in the older part of the hotel are small but functional.

If you are going as a pair, you can consider Kyoto Century Hotel, which is right next to the train station. Only about 11,000yen on average for a twin room. And the reviews on TripAdvisor made it sounds great.

I personally will be going there in May.

Tokyosubway: what%26#39;s the problem you had with Toyoko? I have stayed at 3 or 4 different ones (I usually pick them if I am just staying one very quick night and want to catch a train or pick up the car very early next day). The worst feature are the paper-thin walls. Size-wise, I don%26#39;t expect much for paying so little.

Kyoto Century Hotel: I stayed there last December. The lobby looks a bit dated. The room is ok though--large with somewhat old furnishings but overall nicely maintained so I can recommend it as well given its relatively low rate at such a good location. Note that there is no in-room internet. You have to use a station in the lobby that charges 100 Yen for every 10 minutes.

I%26#39;ve stayed at the New Miyako twice and found it comfortable and affordable. Being right across the station makes for easy access to great dining. Some day check-out the Old Miyako. It was like staying at a resort.


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