Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ueno/Asakusa or Minato for first days in Tokyo?


I am coming to Japan from 2 April - 14 April. Hoping to catch cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Kyoto %26amp; Osaka. Kyoto accom is booked from 5 - 9 April (including day trips to Osaka %26amp; Nara) and will be returning to Citadines @ Shinjuku in Tokyo for the last 5 days.

I am now stuck on where to stay for our first few days in Tokyo..

Am trying to decide between Shinagawa Prince Hotel Tokyo (at 12000 Yen for a renovated twin room looks very appealing), or Chisun Inn Asakusa or checking if Sutton Place Ueno has availability.

Our first 2 days revolves around seeing cherry blossoms (most likely Ueno Park, unless there is a better daytime option?) and then Ameyoko markets, Sensoji temple %26amp; Nakamise-dori markets as they are all close by.

Second day we want to go camera/electronics shopping so I thought Akihabara would be good and we could go to a Maid Café as well.

This led me to try to find accommodation in Asakusa or Ueno for the first part of our trip. However I have read reviews saying the area is lacking at night and not the best area to stay for first-timers. Also not found many hotels with a twin room under 13000 Yen (yet!).

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel suits our budget and would be easy to catch the shinkansen to Kyoto (and easier to Shibuya area etc if we wanted to go out at night).

But is it easy to go from Shinagawa, Minato up to Asakusa/Ueno for all our daytime activities? Or should we just stay in Asakusa/Ueno?

Thank you in advance for any advice =)

Ueno/Asakusa or Minato for first days in Tokyo?

That%26#39;s 12000 yen for the room, not per person (the hotel web site used to quote per-person)? That is a good price.

I%26#39;ve stayed at the Shinagawa Prince. It has lots of amenities on-site and couldn%26#39;t be more convenient for arriving (N%26#39;Ex--Narita Express) and departing to Kyoto--the station%26#39;s across the street and less confusing than Tokyo Station.

You will have great connections to all your destinations. From Shinagawa Station, the Yamanote line will take you to Ueno Station or Akihabara (15-20 minutes). From Ueno, the Ginza subway line takes you to Asakusa in five minutes. Frequent service on both lines. The Asakusa subway line runs to Shinagawa, changing its name to the Keikyu Limited (never done this--ask at the hotel, also get their excellent bilingual map).

If looking up schedules at http://www.hyperdia.com/ it will let you select which Asakusa station on the second page. Select Asakusa(Tobu). The subway stations are nearby.

Ueno/Asakusa or Minato for first days in Tokyo?

I vote for Shinagawa as well especially at the rate you%26#39;ve found. The Ueno / Asakusa would be too congested for my taste and convenience shopping is always a long walk from hotels. From Shinagawa, everything including the major station is right across the street. Businesses stay open late as well.


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