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Kamakura and Yokohama in a day? or too much?

Hello all

Just trying to work out an itinerary for our trip in two weeks time. We have 7 nights in Tokyo,and on this occasion we are not going to Kyoto (but we are next year)

We plan to do a day to Hakone, and on a different day would like to go to either Kamakura or Yokahama or both. Is it possible to do both in one day?

I see from my guide book that Kamakura has plenty of sights and we would probably explore on foot. There is less in my book about Yokahama, but I wouldn%26#39;t mind having a look at another city / port to gain a greater insight on our trip.

Should we do one or the other or could we do both? We don%26#39;t have any specific ideas yet, but we like looking at buildings, taking photos and just generally getting a feel for the place etc.

any thoughts would be appreciated!



Kamakura and Yokohama in a day? or too much?

I think you could do both Kamakura and Yokohama the same day. The downside is you would be shorting time in Kamakura to get to Yokohama, and Kamakura deserves a full day. It would be a bit of a rush.

A couple of options would be to sightsee in Kamakura, then eat dinner in Yokohama (but you won%26#39;t see any of the sights), or just come back to Yokohama from Tokyo for a full or half day, as Yokohama is very easily accessible from Tokyo.

Things to see in Yokohama are Gaijin Bochi (up on the bluff near Yokohama International School), Yamashita Park, Chinatown, red brick warehouse, and Minato Mirai. If you like to look at buildings the area around Basha Michi Dori has lots of old colonial style buildings from Yokohama%26#39;s glory blackship days and Minato Mirai has Japan%26#39;s tallest building, Landmark Tower. You can have a nice meal at the top of this building.

A couple of more offbeat options are the ramen and curry museum and skywalk of Yokohama Bay Bridge.

2009 is the 150th year anniversary of the Yokohama port opening, so there are a lot of special events.

Kamakura and Yokohama in a day? or too much?

No, don%26#39;t do both in one day. Do you have two days? Kamakura will be a full day, as will Yokohama. Just look at all the places Yamanote mentioned! :-)

You can get to Yokohama very QUICKLY now (20 minutes)from Shibuya on the Toyoko Line%26#39;s express train.

If you have 7 nights in Tokyo, you could also do a day trip to Nikko. Traveling to Hakone, Kamakura, Yokohama and Nikko will take you in 4 different directions with a variety of train scenery.



I absolutely agree with both posts above. Kamakura is a wonderfully pleasant, spiritual place. Best explored slowly on foot.

Just my opinion here -- when I was there, I didn%26#39;t want to rush through the shrines and temples -- I wanted to take the time to soak it all in.

Enjoy your trip!

You can do all day tour of Kamakura and Enoshima and on the way back hit the vibrant Yokohama China town %26amp; port areas at night for dinner and sights. You can come back if you liked there during the day time.

I agree with coming back and having dinner and enjoying the night views of Yokohama. If you want to see the sites, then come back for 1/2 day from Tokyo.

thanks everyone for your advice- I thnk we will stick to Kamakura predominantly, and see if we an get Yokohama in too.

Thanks again for all your help!


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