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16 hour stop over in Narita, what to do?

I am traveling from the Philippines to the United States in November. I am taking Japan Airlines and have a 16 hour stop over in Narita before catching my connecting flight the following day at 11:00 a.m. I%26#39;ll be arriving about 8 p.m. in Narita. Any suggestions on what to do? I was planning to stay at a hotel overnight. If I do, does anyone know if I have to get my luggage or does it stay at the airport for the connecting flight? Any recommendations on a good hotel for the night that%26#39;s not too expensive?

16 hour stop over in Narita, what to do?

You will have to take your luggage with you since your connection is on the following day. Even the same airline or partner airline will not check through your luggage in that case.

There isn%26#39;t really much for you to do except go to the hotel, get a good meal at Narita and get some sleep.

For Narita hotels, please do a search in the forum as there have been many recommendations previously.

16 hour stop over in Narita, what to do?

I agree, not much to do with your schedule.

The airport website has lots of useful info. Here%26#39;s their hotel page. narita-airport.jp/en/travel/hotel/index.html

The next morning, after you check in, there are many restaurants and shops before passport control.

I suspect that Narita ciy will be pretty quiet by the time you clear customs and get to your hotel, but you could go for a stroll. Here%26#39;s some information on the town. http://wikitravel.org/en/Narita Your hotel can advise you on transport. My guess is that you would have to take a taxi back to your hotel; the last train from Narita city to the airport is at 10:47 (Keisei line).

I don%26#39;t know what time the grounds of Naritasan temple open (or if they%26#39;re always open), but you might be able to check them out if you wake up very early.

A friend of mine had a great time in one of the crew bars in the area, but won%26#39;t say where it was.

Narita stopver info: http://www.mgnewman.com/narita/index.html

Catching Keisei Line to Narita:


Airport info (Terminal 1): …blogspot.com/2008/07/welcome-to-japan-guide…

My husband and/or I fly in and out of Narita every month. You can clear Customs/Immigration in about 45 minutes. If you do not want to take your bags with you there are many storage options at the airport, visit the Narita Airport web site (click on airport guide then click facilities %26amp; services) JAL uses terminal 2. There are some OK shopping and restaurants in the airport. I%26#39;m not sure what you’re looking for, but if you are young and looking to party all night, Shinjuku is the place to go. If you’re looking for a nice area to visit the Roppongi area is a good place with many Japanese who speak English. If you are going to stay in the Roppongi area there are many great bars, shops, and restaurants, but can be pricey. You have a few options to reach Shinjuku or Roppongi- by train or the Limousine bus, about $35./each way, 90 minutes/each way (see web page for schedule). Just remember the trains do not run all night in Tokyo, but the partying does. And, lastly by cab ride, $250., 60-90 minutes/each way. Lastly, if you select to stay near the airport, the city of Narita has shopping and a decent shrine, visit their web page. I am told the Narita Holiday Inn provides shuttle service to the area, not sure of the shuttle time schedule. I am sure other hotels offer shuttle service. Luxury hotels are limited near Narita airport. I hope you will not choice to stay in your hotel room, but fight the jet lag and at least go visit the city of Narita. Just remember you probably will need to exchange some dollars for Yen. Tokyo has a lot to offer.

Last time, I stayed at a place called Narita Airport Hostel, which is perfect for this kind of thing.

There%26#39;s nothing to do there as it%26#39;s in the middle of a farmland however they do provide free ride to and from the airport.

They have free bicycle rental which is quite useful for making a 7-11 run which is about five minutes ride away.


The Northwest crews and lots of Australians hang at the Raddison sports bar. The brews (Kirin and Fosters on tap) and bar food is good and reasonable.


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