Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Itinerary - questions


I%26#39;m planning a 10 day holiday in Japan - 30th Mar - 8th Apr.

My tentative agenda is as follows:

30th Mar - Land at kansai, check into Weekly Mansion Otemae (Osaka) and visit attractions in Osaka

31Mar,1Apr - Take the train to Kyoto and travel around Kyoto by bus/walk

2nd Apr - Day trip from Osaka to Nara, Himeji

3rd Apr - Maybe touch Kobe, then leave for Hiroshima. Visit Miyajima, overnight at Hiroshima

4th Apr - Leave for Tokyo

5-8 Apr - visit attractions in Tokyo + Hakone, Nikko, Kamakura, Lake Kawaguchiko etc


1. I have a 7day JR Pass, which I thought I%26#39;d hold on to, for 2-8th Apr. Does that make sense?

2. Does it make sense to take the 3 day Kansai Thru Pass for 30Mar-1Apr? I believe this covers buses in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe too (rough calculation shows I%26#39;ll make up the JPY5000, but will I be better off buying tickets on the spot, so that I can take JR Trains too? Is it too much of a hassle to depend on non-JR trains? / Is it too much of a hassle to buy tickets each time?

3. How good is the Weekly Mansion location wise? Will I be spending too much time going from place to place? If so, any alternate suggestions in Osaka (ideally a place with a kitchenette since we%26#39;re vegetarians)

4. What kind of jackets do I need to carry, this time of the year?

Appreciate your responses on these, since I%26#39;m still planning my trip, and getting worked up about it!

Thanks %26amp; Regards,

- JK

Itinerary - questions

Any tips on these folks? I really appreciate your help!



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