Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to reserve a room at Dormy Inn?

This hotel gets good reviews here on TA, so I%26#39;d like to book it. But when I send an email to the address provided I don%26#39;t get an answer. I%26#39;ve tried it twice now.

Do I have to wait until a month before or something? I wish all Japanese hotels had easy on-line booking like the Toyoko Inns and Comfort Hotels do.

How to reserve a room at Dormy Inn?

If you want timely response, send a fax. Not every small hotel can afford an English translator to do the website, answer email, and maintain an English website or outsource the website to some big company.

This is the reservation webpage, it%26#39;s not that difficult to decipher, with the help of an online translation tool


How to reserve a room at Dormy Inn?

Other people have said they booked by email. I don%26#39;t have a fax machine and the translation websites don%26#39;t translate very well, from my experience of them.

The Rakuten website (in English!) lists many of the hotels in the Dormy Inn chain. Check to see if they are listing rooms at the Dormy Inn Kanazawa for your travel dates.

See http://travel.rakuten.co.jp/en/

Thanks Bargainhunter

Yes, I can book on Rakuten. But I was hoping to just reserve the room and pay when we get there. That way hopefully the Aus$ might have risen further against the yen by then.

We%26#39;ve booked our Comfort Hotels, Best Western Hotel and Toyoko Inns this way, so I was hoping I could do the same with Dormy Inn.

Perhaps you could also give me your opinion on choosing between Toyoko Inn and Dormy Inn in Kanazawa. I have tentatively booked Toyoko Inn Korinbo, but Dormy Inn comes in higher in the reviews. It%26#39;s also more expensive, so I assume it%26#39;s a little bit better quality.

I%26#39;m getting worried about a few comments here about hard beds and thin walls in Toyoko Inns (see my other post).


I responded to you in the other post about Dormy and Toyoko. Dormy is definitely nicer. At Kanazawa, that was where I stayed and it worked out well.

For booking, just send them an email. They will respond to you so don%26#39;t worry. However, don%26#39;t put this off until the last minute because sometimes they are not so quick. If you don%26#39;t get a response within a day or two, just email them again. They will send you a confirmation email in English.

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