Friday, March 26, 2010

Sit-down public toilets in Asakusa area?

Is there a sit-down public toilet somewhere in the Asakusa area?

Sit-down public toilets in Asakusa area?

try the Asakusa View Hotel.

Sit-down public toilets in Asakusa area?

This site isn%26#39;t comprehensive enough in English, but it%26#39;s a start.

There are department stores in Asakusa which have western style. Matsuya Department Store and The Rox, for certain, will have. Hotels usually also have clean western style bathrooms.

There is a large public restroom right by the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa. It includes both Western and Japanese style toilets, and I%26#39;ve always found it to be pretty clean.

You should have no problem finding one.

Anymore major tourist destinations have western style restrooms not only for foreigners but for aging Japanese tourists who have mostly western but hi-tech toilets at home.

Actually, the restrooms in the parks, i.e. Ueno Park, have free, clean %26amp; well maintained regular restrooms and large ones for physically challenged, better than any other countries I have been. So Asakusa temple should be no exception as others posted.

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