Sunday, March 28, 2010

yukata in hotels

A silly question, but a colleague who visited Japan a while ago claims that you can keep the yukata set out for you in hotel rooms, this does not seem right to me? Isnt this theft?

yukata in hotels

if s/he paid for it at the front desk, in addition to the room charge, then it%26#39;s not theft.

yukata in hotels

Usually you leave it in the room, sorta like bathrobes found in western hotels, you can use it, but its the hotel%26#39;s. Or like hotel towels, hotel%26#39;s you can use, but left in the room when finished.

Unless your colleague specifically paid for the Yukata set to keep and take (some hotels sell it) others do not.

Gasp! Never heard of a ';keepsies'; yukata (unless it%26#39;s purchased at the ryokan souvenir shop). That would be in the same category as bathtowels (and yes, bathrobes) in major hotels. I love the soft cotton yukatas that have been well-worn and well-washed; hate the starched ones! Very scratchy.

One does, however, get to keep the thin ';tenugui'; towel that has the name of the ryokan on it. That would be in the ';advertisement'; department.

Which always gets me wondering -- if you buy a bag that says ';Vuitton'; or ';Chanel'; all over it, why don%26#39;t they PAY YOU for advertising their products!!! LOL

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