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Booking needed for night viewing of Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto?

We plan to night view Sakura at the Kiyomizu temple during our forthcoming April 1 to 7 stay.

We came across a website :

with comments on night viewing.....

';night viewing of Kiyomizu Temple, date is;3月28日~4月12日 but with the comment 夜の特別拝観18:30~21:30(受付終了)';.

Using a Japanese-Engligh translation website, the above translated to ';date..time... plus acceptance closed';.

Does that mean entry to night Sakura viewing at the temple require pre-booking?

Thanks !!

Booking needed for night viewing of Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto?

No. Pre-booking is not needed. Enjoy night-viewing!


Booking needed for night viewing of Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto?

It means it is too late to make reservations to see this event.


The above should be construed as: Night-time watching commences at 1830 amd ends at 2130. I suppose that ';受付終了'; is the time that ends for admittance.

Kiyomizu is all right, but I also recommend going to Kodaiji Temple some other night. Last time I went during the peak period, I heard visitors give out a cry, in all succession, of ';Ohh, Ahh, Kirei...';

Yes, reaching here from Kiyomizu involves an easy walk down on the cobble-stone stairs flunked by souvenir shops/cafes/restaurants.

Thanks all for your comments.

Shot, between Kiyomizu and Kodaiji, which would you go to for night viewing?

Thanks again....

Got my mind torn apart... Kodaiji%26#39;s main attraction for the nightview is a stand-alone gorgeous-looking drooping sakura tree lit up intermittently inside its sand garden. Kiyomizu%26#39;s looks greatest in autumn for the golden foliage, I gather. In here, many, if not most, of the sakura trees are located a bit down from the main house which is lit up. That said, the nightview of Kiyomizu itself is by far greater than anywhere else in central Kyoto.

I suggest hitting either one for one night and the other for another night, or both on the same night. Yes, that%26#39;s doable for sure.

Thank you Shot.... we may opt for your last suggestion ! Are the shops leading up to Kiyomizu open during the evening?

Thanks in anticipation.

Most, if not all, of them are closed around 6, I guess, but those you find on Nene%26#39;s Road down the parking lot at Kodaiji are open until around 9 o%26#39;clock. The area around Kodaiji is very chic in atmosphere and really Kyoto-some. You could pretty much enjoy a night/evening stroll around here.

Most of the tourist shops that line the road directly leading to Kiyomizu-dera have been open for light up quite late into the evening, each year I%26#39;ve been there. But the small craft/pottery shops just below the tourist shops, along the cobblestone road, have not been open.

Thanks for correction/clarification, JTT. Well, eh, was talking about the shops/restos/cafes flanking the two long flight of stairs, not those lining along the upper street you go into while you%26#39;re accessing from the bus stop to Kiyomizu. Sorry for that, JapanBound, and thanks to JTT.

Thank you Shot and japantravelteacher.

Read from the web that the sakura is already blooming in Kyoto. Hope we are not too late when we arrive on 01 April- 7th April. I believe that the white colour Yoshino type are the ones that bloom earlier while the pink and double petal type will follow later. perhaps we might be only able to catch the latter.

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