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Tokyo April 9-16....where to stay

I%26#39;m visiting Tokyo for the first time with my GF April 9-16th (6days). We are in our early 30s and are not seriously sights see-ers and prefer absorbing the lifestyle. I%26#39;m struggling to pick an area to stay in...some have suggested Shinjuku, some Ginza and even Harajuku...my budget is no more than 190 USD a night, the lower the better. Hyatt Regency was mentioned, but when i checked the location, it was rather far. I can get a recommendation for area and hotel? Thank you

Tokyo April 9-16....where to stay

Shinjuku is generally a good location. With your budget, you have the following choices:

1. Sunroute Plaza: the best in terms of budget as you can get a twin room for 17,000 Yen. Location is excellent, just 3 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku%26#39;s southern exits.

2. Century Southern Tower: just across the street from Sunroute Plaza and even more convenient to the rest of Shinjuku. Rooms and the hotel are nicer than Sunroute but costs a bit more, around 20,000+ Yen

3. Hyatt Regency: the location is out west so a solid 10+ minutes walking to the station. However, they have a convenient shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes to the station. The only problem is the last bus is 9:50pm so if you are out late, you%26#39;d have to walk back. Hotel rooms are large and nice. Same price range to slightly more than Century Southern Tower.

Tokyo April 9-16....where to stay

Double the previous post, Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, stayed here 7 days, highly reccommended, it%26#39;s a cheaper hotel as far as price, but quality is top notch, rooms are small, but if you%26#39;re in Tokyo, there are much better things to do than stay in your room. This location is very central to EVERYTHING, train station is a short walk away, and in the time i was there, I think my longest train ride was 20 minutes, most major tourist stuff is 10-15 minutes from this hotel.

First - You%26#39;ll LOVE Tokyo, what a place!

Second -- Listen to Sammyfloyd -- he knows his stuff.

That being said -- if you are still struggling with an area to stay in -- here%26#39;s a thought...

When I visited in July of %26#39;08, I found a wonderful little place in the Chidoricho area. Called the Ryokan Kangetsu. www.kangetsu.com if I remember. I think it is on the southwest %26#39;side%26#39; of Tokyo.

Quiet, residential area -- not hopping with nightlife. Very quiet at night, good value, friendly and helpful staff. VERY %26#39; Japanese%26#39; for my first time in Japan. A small, pleasant Ryokan or guest house I guess you could say. I think it was $5000 - $6000 JPY yen a night --maybe $50 - $60 USD. I%26#39;d book there again in a heartbeat.

Easy walk to the train and then an easy train ride --maybe 20-30 minutes up to Gotanda, which was my %26#39;gateway%26#39; to Tokyo.

Once I hit Gotanda, everywhere else in the city was an easy train ride or two away.

Good luck with your planning!

It looks like the Sunroute and Century Southern Towers are both filled...the actual room rates are about 220-250 US Dollars a night...are there any other recommendation? I really like the above location....

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