Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miyajima at sunset or at high-tide?

Hi all,

We%26#39;re off to Japan in a couple of weeks, so we%26#39;re trying to work out all the little details now.

I%26#39;ve checked the high-tide times for the day we%26#39;ve set to visit Miyajima Island, and it%26#39;s going to be at 10.30am and then not until nearly midnight, which means a very full day on Miyajima to see both.

So, given we want to see some of Hiroshima as well that day (Peace Park and Memorial Dome at least), what would people say is more memorable:-

- Seeing the Torii %26#39;floating%26#39; at high-tide?

- Seeing the Temple and the Torii at sunset?

Also, as regards the sunset, what is the orientation of temple / torii / sunset - i.e. can you photo the torii with the sunset in the background, or will it be front-lit by the sunset as you view it?

Thanks very much,

Martin %26amp; Becs.

PS - if anyone has any sunset photos from there, that would explain things to me much easier/better than a description.

Miyajima at sunset or at high-tide?

No idea about sunset, but would certainly recommend visiting at high tide.

Miyajima at sunset or at high-tide?

Visiting Miyajima at low tide is still can walk out on the sea bed to the torii and have your photo taken underneath it.....the base of the structure near the tide line is covered with thousands of good luck coins....

We were lucky enough to see both high and low tide. Can you stay the night on the is a lovely mini community?

I would totally recommend staying overnight at Miyajima, it is so quiet and lovely. The gate is lit up at night and the shore is lined with lanterns.

I thing that the sun sets behind the gate. Here is a map with North marked down in the corner:

also if you go to a photo-sharing site like flickr or shutterfly you could do a search for photos and find about a zillion.

you could look at my Miyajima set if you want:…

for very amateurish photos. It was overcast when we were there; and you can see a little of what it%26#39;s like at low tide. The guy with the deer is running across the little bay.

Here are my photos:…

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