Sunday, March 28, 2010

Unexpected trip to Osaka. Some questions!

I have an unexpected trip to Osaka this weekend. Usually, I do lots of planning for trips, but just don%26#39;t have time this week.

I will be staying at the Swissotel, and thanks to past posts on this forum, seem to have good directions on how to take the train from the airport to the hotel.

Will be arriving late afternoon Monday and leaving Tuesday night, so time is limited. Is there anything you experts would recommend I see, just to get a small taste of this country?

Thinking I may not have time to do much more than stroll the shopping districts and perhaps visit Osaka-jo? I am not interested in aquariums.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Unexpected trip to Osaka. Some questions!

If you just want to stroll around Osaka, then Namba (where Swissotel is), Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori and Umeda can easily fill a day of just walking around and feeling the atmosphere. Alternatively, you can take the train ride to Kyoto and see a couple of cultural sites.

Unexpected trip to Osaka. Some questions!

What a coincidence. I%26#39;ll be staying at the Swissotel from this Sunday for 4 nights. You%26#39;ll love the location.

Don%26#39;t miss Osakajo Park. Its 4,300 cherry trees will be in full bloom!! I%26#39;m planing on a river cruise after seeing Osaka Castle. I don%26#39;t recommend seeing inside of the castle since it%26#39;s reconstructed with concrete. But the stone foundations and moats are impressive. You can take the boat from Osakajo Pier:

If you like to cook, Sennichimae Kitchen Town is very interesting and only a 2-3 minute walk from the Hotel:鈥ightseeing_6151.html

Dotonbori at night is not to be missed:鈥ightseeing_2045.html

Some of my favorite places in Osaka:鈥ightseeing_6134.html鈥ightseeing_1855.html鈥ightseeing_3430.html

Here is a good subway map:

When you say time is limited, will you have all day on Tuesday? If so, why not go to Himeji? Take the local from Osaka station (the views are better than the shinkansen, and it isn%26#39;t much slower). Visit the castle, Kokoen (gardens) and Mt. Shosha (Engyoji); I suggest going to Shosha first, then the castle, and then Kokoen (it%26#39;s easier to find the bus to Shosha from the station). In one trip you%26#39;ll get a castle, a Japanese garden, and a mountain temple/shrine complex. You should be done by early/mid afternoon. That gives you plenty of time to head to the airport.

John W.

%26gt;%26gt; That gives you plenty of time to head to the airport. %26lt;%26lt;

One note on this: you can take a bus from Himeji direct to the airport if you want to save time.

John W.

Wow! Thanks so much for the very, very helpful suggestions and especially all the links. My flight leaves Tuesday at 5:25 p.m.

I will go over all this information tonight and come back with any questions.

Again, many thanks!


You%26#39;re going to have to be at the airport by 3.25pm if your flight leaves 2 hours later. So really that just leaves you Monday night and 3/4 of Tuesday for sight-seeing.

Probably just look at the local area and maybe the castle. Going up the Umeda Sky Building is also

interesting - amazing escalator and lift and quite a good view at the top.

Ocean - that%26#39;s what I thought! Still should be an interesting trip as I%26#39;ve never been to Japan before.

Yes, I agree. Just stay in Osaka. It%26#39;ll be fun. I promise. Oh, don%26#39;t forget to go to the basement food court in Takashimaya Department store located right next to the Swissotel. You don%26#39;t see anything like it in the US. Have a great time!!

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