Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FedEx plane crashes and burns at Narita



First fatal accident ever for FedEx, right at the airport I%26#39;ll be at in about 24 hours.

Good thing the wife got some pills to put her to sleep on the plane, she hates flying already and hearing that news before she goes to the airport has her worried. I know it%26#39;s a freak thing and stuff like that never really happens, but it%26#39;s still something you don%26#39;t want to hear before you head out to the airport.

FedEx plane crashes and burns at Narita

If it was the first for Fed Ex, it was also the first fatal accident at Narita. It%26#39;s very sad. But if we want to travel, we have very few choices. And even those choices could prove fatal. We could sitting a home, and someone might come crashing in. No matter how you look at it, air travel is safer than driving.

BTW, we always keep our shoes on during take off and landing...........just in case. :-)

Bon voyage and enjoy your trip across the pond!

FedEx plane crashes and burns at Narita

Mamjelli, alas, you are my muse!

I%26#39;ll be sure to remember to keep the shoes on for takeoffs and landings : )

I am always thankful for safe landings and know that travel comes with its risks. Sitting at home and melting into the mundane would be just as dangerous!

It%26#39;s not first for FedEx, but first fatal accident in Narita.

Most likely this caused by windsher situation and it is very unfortunate they encountered near the ground.

Pilots didn%26#39;t even have enough time to react correctly and MD-11 is known as difficult airplane to control.

This is just sickening. I%26#39;ve landed there over 75 times, a few in very fierce winds where the wing dips were pretty scary. I agree with mamajelli, it is still the safest way to travel.

The latest cause is 30-50mph crosswinds. This should quiet complainers who don%26#39;t understand weather delays or the need to land at another airport.


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