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2 days in shunjuku

hi there,

i will b leaving for tokyo in 3 days time. will be staying at shinjuku prince hotel. i have 2 full days to in shinjuku after coming from hakone. i am surely going to the fish market. but what else can i do for the remaining one and a half day? any suggestions? i am travelling with a group of friends. we love sightseeing and food. pls help...thanks!

2 days in shunjuku

There is not a lot of sightseeing as you%26#39;re thinking, once you get into Tokyo. Getting out to Kamakura is an option. Otherwise, stick to the Yamanote line and get off and on at Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and Harajuku for food and easy traveling.


2 days in shunjuku

If you are going to Tokyo, you%26#39;ve to visit harajuku, esp. takeshita-dori to see the strange and colorful japanese kids.

And if you are alreday there, visit the Meiji-shrine.

For a good view over the city go to the shinjuku city hall... in the towers are visitor platforms, where you have a fantastic view over the city.

At the tsukiji fishmarket arrive early and thry to have some reeeally fresh sushi there.

There are a lot of good sights in tokyo to see and if you stay with the Yamanote Line you are safe to catch a few.

Going to kamakura will take a full day, but the many temples are worth the travelling.

Whatever you do, have fun.


Shinjuku is just one area within Tokyo. Besides shopping, it%26#39;s worth about 1/2 day to one evening just to walk around and feel the energy at night. You can also go to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building%26#39;s free observation deck at Shinjuku%26#39;s west side (next to Hyatt Regency).

Check out Dave%26#39;s Japan Guide link. Sightseeing should not be limited to Shinjuku as there as lots of interesting places.

For food, generally speaking, stick with restaurants that serve only one kind of food. Any Japanese places that serve a bit of everything are usually not ideal.

Is it ok to get to the fish market around lunchtime, for some fresh sushi? or will it be closed by then?

There are LOTS of restaurants right outside the main fish market. Yes, lunch time is great time to go. You can go earlier, too, and get breakfast! Tsujiki closes early, so if you want dinner, you%26#39;ll need to go the restaurants who purchased the fish at the market in the morning!

Bon appetit!

Hi, Gary,

In addition to some of the suggestions, why don%26#39;t you go to Asakusa, see the temple and the side streets (and there are MANY), then go a bit further to see another part of Tokyo called Yanaka. It still has the feeling of the Tokyo of yesterday. You could spend all day, just walking around. It%26#39;s out of the ';normal'; tourist areas, however Tokyo%26#39;s best kept secret is now in the guide books (and walking tours), so it%26#39;ll be a matter of time when the old will melt into the new.


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